5 Pack x 8 inch Bamboo Embroidery Hoop (20cm)


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🌻【Quantity】 5 Pieces Embroidery Hoop (8 inch / 20cm diameter) suitable for teaching children (Our shop provide 5 sizes embroidery hoops, pls have a check)

🌼【Material】 These embroidery hoops are made of natural bamboo, non-fading, durable, light, beautiful, without burr, harmless to your hands

🌷【Detail Processing】 Stainless steel screws with fine anti-skid embossed texture will fixed your fabric well

🌹【Useful Accessory】 Embroidery bamboo circle is really a perfect gift for embroidery learners, beginners, friends, colleagues and lovers. Great DIY home decorations or any style embroidery crafts

🌸【Applications】 You can use embroidery ring as a display frame with embroidery edges embellished by lace, paint, gems or other materials. You could even make easy and cute wreaths by wrapping ribbons and flowers around embroidery circle to be a good decoration on the wall


Great for cross-stitch, hand embroidery. Embroidery hoops are not just for embroidery but also can be used as frames to display cute prints.

You could even wrap ribbons and flowers around them, for easy and cute wedding, birthday, Christmas or Halloween wreaths.

Package List:

5 Pieces Embroidery Hoop (8 inch / 20cm diameter)

Instruction in Details:

1. Unscrew the outer hoop, place the fabric over the inner hoop, lock the outer hoop, flat the cloth, then screw but don’t too tightly

2. Ensure there are no pleats by continuing to flat the cloth, and pay attention to fabric to make the warp and the welt both vertical and horizontal, and finally tighten the screws

3. Check the hoop whether it is tight enough. The way to check the tightness is to use a needle with thread going through the fabric surface. It is workable if there is a“bang bang”sound when pulling the thread


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