7 Animal Needle Felting Kits for 2024


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Where does my inspiration come from ?

They are good friends and share wonderful moments together every day. We make them after my baby is asleep.

And just like that, their kits were born! If you also like puppies, kittens or small animals, hope you can bring them home so they can accompany you anytime.


—Enough 19 Microns Merino Wool to Make 5 Animals (Provide 10-20% extra wool)

—3 Needles in Tube (1x9cm, 1×8.5cm, 1x8cm) / (1×3.5″”, 1×3.3″”, 1×3″”)

—1 Pair Leather Finger Guards (Protect your fingers from being stabbed)

—1 Black High-density Felting Mat (Best option for your felting project and it is much more longer life than the white one)

—1 English Full Color Instruction with Detailed Steps for Beginner

—Enough Accessories, Parts to Finish This Little Kit

—1 Reusable Zip Lock Bag to Help You Store Materials

Our felting kit comes with full color instructions, enough wool and all the accessories for you to complete.

Whilst stunning and gorgeous to look at, but our needle felting kit is easy to make. Do not worry if you are the beginner 

It will be a fabulous gift for mom, grandma, girlfriend, family events. We advise placing your order now to avoid delays and disappointment.

Felting Time: About 2-4 hours per doll depending on individual felting speed

Difficulty Level: For Beginner (Even you are the first time to try)


British Shorthair, Shiba Inu, Hedgehog, Teddy, Hamster, Rabbit, Penguin


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