100g Pure Pure Wool Roving for Needle Felting Kits


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Our beautiful Merino Wool Roving is 19 Microns High Standard,
which is superfine, soft roving, that just waiting to by made into
something beautiful; Great for beginner felter.


19 Microns Merino Wool Tops quality dyed from Natural wool without lumps and junk, safe and eco-friendly for everybody use


for needle felting, wet felting, spinning, weaving, embellishments,
doll making, soap making, dryer balls etc. Top wool for beginner !

Free Guidance for Beginners:

We would like to share our felting skills and starter video for beginners. We’d love to hear from you and get back you soon !

Package Details:

Approximately 100g (3.5 oz) came with a clear PE bag.

We always prepare more than 100g for you; So if you found it is more than 100g, please keep it !!

About Color Difference:

Please allow slight colour difference due to dye process.


White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Yellow, Off White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Coral Red, Pink, Plum Red, Crimson, Red, Purple, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Teddy Curly


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